Alex Jack lives in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, U.S.A., where he is president of Planetary Health, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization devoted to protecting the world's natural and organic food supply and promoting holistic dietary and lifestyle changes that contribute to a healthy, peaceful world. He was editor-in-chief of East-West Journal and executive director of the Kushi Institute. He has authored many books on literature, art and healing, most recently Spiral of History and One Peaceful World Cookbook. In his view, change in nature or society is logarithmic. It starts out very slowly, almost imperceptible, then gradually intensifies and takes off. See


Dr. Radi Jarai has always lived in the West Bank, where he studied agricultural economics and earned a Masters in International Studies. He became active in Fatah, which ‘earned’ him a total of twelve-and-a-half years in Israeli prisons. He has worked on solutions for historic Palestine since the 1990s and has taught political science at Al Quds University. In 2012/13 he and friends launched The Popular Movement for ODS on the Land of Historic Palestine, now an Association registered in Zürich, Switzerland. He lives in Ramallah with his wife and four daughters.


Dr. Geoff Lee worked in the downstream oil industry (refining and marketing) until 2010. He has been an active member of Camden PSC for seven years and coordinates the football campaign Red Card Israeli Racism. He visited Palestine and Israel in 1966, 2013 and 2014. A native of Manchester, he is a supporter of Manchester United.


Terry Meade lives in Brighton, where he also teaches, as programme leader of the Interior Architecture and Urban Studies programme at the University of Brighton. His activity in Palestine over the years has been mainly re-building houses with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICHAD).


Susan Milner, a native of Iraq, is a member of Cambridge PSC and teaches English in Cambridge where she lives with her husband and young daughters Lydia and Leila.


Ramsey Pietro Nasser is a Palestinian with Italian Nationality, born in Kuwait City, and except for the first five years of his life grew up in Palestine and the UK. He is now a filmmaker, and has supported equality & comradeship with everyone who’d listen for 20 years+. He is firmly anti-Zionist, and advocates a peaceful transition to full enfranchisement in Palestine. Please see


Ghassan Olayan, 59 years old, is an engineer holding advanced degrees in technology and now manages a solar-energy company in Bethlehem. He is the head of the Land Defense Committee in Battir, participating in protecting the village from the apartheid wall in 2012 and in expelling the aggressors on Khirbet Battir in 2007. He reopened the Wadi al-Gharbi road parallel to the historic railway in 2008 and wrote the nomination file for Battir as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He has authored 15 books, in Arabic and English, including a collection of international children's stories, books of technology curricula for schools in Palestine, and one documenting the oldest living petri immigration system in the world.


Glyn Oliver is a retired primary school teacher, active in trade unionism and politics with the Southampton People’s Assembly, Unite Community Southampton Area, the Southampton Trades Union Council and the local executive of the National Union of Teachers. He is treasurer of Southampton PSC.


Averil Parkinson has academic qualifications in Geography, History and Demography, and has worked variously in Town Planning, Population Forecasting, and Housing. Now retired, she chairs the Cambridge Branch of the UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


Miko Peled, born and raised in Jerusalem, now lives in Palestine and the U.S. For 23 years he ran a martial arts school and is now a writer and human rights activist who supports BDS and ODS. He wrote the personal-political autobiography The General’s Son and a study of the persecution by the U.S. of Palestinian-rights activists, Injustice. He has given countless talks on Israel’s racist denial of all Palestinians’ rights and hosts regular webinars.


C.J. ‘Slim’ Piggot is a semi-retired groundworker and voracious reader who set up the weekly stall of the Cambridge PSC in 2000.


Stephen Pyle lives in Trumpington near Cambridge. He is an artist, sculptor and maintainer of the site