Kassem Aina was born in 1946 near Safad, but had to leave two years later for Lebanon, where he attended UNRWA schools and the Bar Elias National Lebanese School. He holds diplomas in Social Care for Children, Social Service and psychology. He is a founding Board member of Beit Atfal Assumoud, a charity for children with many structures in the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon. He is also the co-ordinator of ‘Not-To-Forget-Sabra-and-Shatila-Massacre’ which was founded by a group of Italians and since around 1995 has held commemorations every September.


Dr. Blake Alcott received his PhD in ecological economics from the University of East Anglia and has lived and written for years in Cambridge, Turkey and Zürich (where he now lives) on environmental policy and Palestinian issues. He is Director of ODS in Palestine (UK).


Yousef M. Aljamal is a Palestinian writer and author born in Al-Nusierat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. He is the author and translator of a number of publications and books including Dreaming of Freedom: Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak. He is a contributor to Mondowiess and the Electronic Intifada. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD Studies at the University of Sakarya in Turkey.


Meira Asher is a human rights activist in Israel. She is a composer-performer, social audiomentarist, sound and radio artist. She studied in the U.S. and the Netherlands and since 2012 has taught at Haifa University. Her recent works include TANSIK تنسيق for Radio Reina Sofia Madrid, Antonin Artaud's radio essay To Have Done with the Judgement of God and Colonial War and Mental Disorders by duo Asher Zax and Dave Phillips based on Frantz Fanon's writings. 


Frances Armes is a retired Medical Physicist who moved to the Cambridge area from Yorkshire five years ago. She is a member of Cambridge PSC and York PSC.


Keith Armes is based near Cambridge, but has northern roots, having lived most of his life in Bradford where he worked in management for a company which fabricated bespoke catering equipment. After retirement he became interested in the Israel/Palestine conflict. He discovered a very different reality from that portrayed in mainstream media and has become increasingly involved in the struggle to end this massive deception and bring justice to the Palestinians.


Laila Hassan Awawda resides in Hebron where she co-manages a shop belonging to women. An activist, she has also spoken in Western Europe about Palestine's oppression and would welcome the solution of a normal democracy for all.