Dr. Jane Tienne graduated in sinology and French and is now a semi-retired teacher living in Cambridge.


Janet Walker taught for six years, including 15 months in Kenya, and later wrote her MA dissertation on the effect of the founding of the State of Israel on Christian Palestinians in Israel. She is an active member of PSC in Cambridge where she lives with her husband. With a friend from Gaza she has organised many Hanin Cafés with emphasis on Palestinian food and culture. Her first visit to Palestine was with Amos Trust in 2004. She works with VSO, and is now finishing a degree in music at Anglia Ruskin, focusing on composition.


Dr. Özlem Yazlik Alcott received her PhD in education from the University of Edinburgh, lived and worked several years in Cambridge, London, Istanbul and Ayvalik, manages the Turkish ODS website, and now lives in Zürich Switzerland. She teaches kindergarten and primary school and works and consults for Turkish NGOs.


Ofra Yeshua-Lyth is the author of Politically Incorrect: Why a Jewish State is a Bad Idea. See: https://ofrayeshualyth.info She lives in Jaffa and was for many years a journalist and later a media consultant. She is presently a mature student writing a thesis about the ideology of ‘Jewish Labor’, an early Zionist concept.


Deceased members:

Dr. Chris Burns-Cox
passed away aged 80 on 29 June 2018. His support for ODS was both active and based deeply in his life philosophy. He and his wife Pat were warm and stimulating hosts at their Gloucestershire home. He was a medical doctor who helped set up and then worked for the charity Give a Kidney, and each May he supervised medical-school exams in Gaza. An incredible person.


Dr. Harald Molgaard passed away 8 July 2020. He was a retired physics teacher living in Twickenham, had been an active member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign for 15 years, and is deeply missed, to put it mildly.


C.J. ‘Slim’ Piggott was a groundworker and voracious reader who initiated the Palestine Solidarity Campaign stall at Cambridge Market Square in 2000 and manned it almost every Saturday. He passed away on 30 October 2021. He was a giant of principle. We miss him.


Edward Thompson was a solicitor living in Bedford who passed away on 18 January 2023. He was our Treasurer, was an amateur cricket umpire, and also an active member of the United Nations Association. He donated regularly to a Kenyan charity, and was one of the most empathetic people imaginable, also regarding non-human animals. He was devoted to justice for Palestinians.