Hasan Fani is an Iranian who manages construction projects in and around Cambridge and together with his wife Helen directs the Iran’s Children Charity for which they have raised £350,000 over the last 6 years.


Dr. Helen Fani is a British-Iranian with undergraduate degrees in agriculture and a PhD in international marketing and management from Cranfield University. She has worked on various long-term projects with local groups of pupils, managed industrial projects in Iran and is now managing construction project in Cambridge. She is active in Stop the War and Cambridge PSC.


Janet Green works as a teaching assistant in a London mainstream primary school supporting children with additional needs and is a long-time member of Unison. Since 2007 she has been active in Camden PSC (London) and BIN (the Boycott Israel Network), particularly around the area of cultural boycott. She does social media for a number of groups including the facebook page for Artists for Palestine UK, a group she has been involved in (as a campaigner) since its inception.


Mikael Grut, a longtime resident of Wimbledon, SW London, is a Danish forest economist with personal knowledge of South African Apartheid and a deep commitment to justice for Palestinians. He has long been a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and would like to see it endorse ODS.

Yoav Haifawi is an anti-Zionist activist and maintains the blogs Free Haifa and Free Haifa Extra. He is an activist in Herak Haifa. Since joining a left-Marxist movement (The Workers’ Alliance) in 1972, has been fighting for the return of Palestinian refugees and the establishment of a free, secular, democratic Palestinian state on all of the land of historic Palestine. In 1984 he joined the ranks of the Abna al-Balad (Sons of the Country) movement as the most radical and leftist Palestinian movement in the territories occupied in 1948. With the emergence of the Arab Spring in 2011, his activity focused on contributing to the establishment and building of a democratic popular grass-root liberation movement in Palestine.


Carole Hanson is a resident of Maine, U.S.A., and a concerned citizen of the World. Her vocation is sculpture, a lifelong pursuit of creating Beauty in stone, especially in the public sphere. She knows Peace and Harmony as the companions of Beauty - why should we not wish them for the Palestinians and Israelis in the creation of a One-State solution? One State bodes well for the ultimate hope of One World for us all.


Jenny Hardacre is the secretary of this group. She has been actively involved in Palestinian solidarity since the start of this century.


Dr. Richard Hopper works in information technology in Cambridge, is an active supporter of the Bethlehem charity Ghirass Cultural Center and is Secretary of Cambridge PSC.


Alex Jack lives in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, U.S.A., where he is president of Planetary Health, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization devoted to protecting the world's natural and organic food supply and promoting holistic dietary and lifestyle changes that contribute to a healthy, peaceful world. He was editor-in-chief of East-West Journal and executive director of the Kushi Institute. He has authored many books on literature, art and healing, most recently Spiral of History and One Peaceful World Cookbook. In his view, change in nature or society is logarithmic. It starts out very slowly, almost imperceptible, then gradually intensifies and takes off. See https://www.amberwavesofgrain.com/


Dr. Radi Jarai has always lived in the West Bank, where he studied agricultural economics and earned a Masters in International Studies. He became active in Fatah, which ‘earned’ him a total of twelve-and-a-half years in Israeli prisons. He has worked on solutions for historic Palestine since the 1990s and has taught political science at Al Quds University. In 2012/13 he and friends launched The Popular Movement for ODS on the Land of Historic Palestine, now an Association registered in Zürich, Switzerland. He lives in Ramallah with his wife and four daughters.